Citibank Credit Card

Get Cashback from Buymore on top of FREE gift/rebate from Citibank when you apply Citibank Credit Card online .

Citibank Credit Card


Up to RM230 cashback!

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Citibank Credit Card: Terms & Conditions

Offer Description

  • Cookie Period: 30 days 
  • Cashback status subject to be updated manually within 90 days from the date of submission. Due to strict PDPA, no automation of data processing is able to be arranged.
  • Your submission which did not get submitted within same session will be SAVED in the Citibank's system up to 21 days. Should the you complete the submission within 21 days from the date of submissn drop-out will still entitle the cashback.
  • This offer is manual tracking basis, do contact us once you have activated the card, by mentioning your date applied, approval date, and card activation date.


  • Click "Shop Now" and land on the Citibank website and makes a Credit Card application by completing the submission form is considered as a successful lead generation and commissionable. However, should the you drop off at any given time without completing the whole submission process shall be deemed as "Non-Valid Lead". 
  • The Citibank's system is linked with Central Credit database in which any applicant (the user) which has poor credit scoring shall be automatically rejected. Hence it will contribute to as "Non-Valid Lead"
  • All SUBMITTED lead will then undergo a manual approval process involving various background check as well as Phone Call verification.
  • Only successfully approved Credit Card application with completion of Credit Card issuance shall be deemed as "APPROVED APPLICATION" and commissionable. 

How To:
Click "Shop Now" > Landed on Merchant Platform > Add to cart and checkout > Cashback tracked and redeemable within the stated period!

*Item below RM5 is not entitle for cashback.


Citibank Credit Card

Citibank Credit Card RM200 voucher

Citibank Credit Card RM200 voucher

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Promotion Period: 2020-04-01 to 2020-05-31