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Up to 7% cashback!

Tracked within:


Redeemable within:

120 DAYS

Shopee: Terms & Conditions

Offer Description

Shopee is a social-first, mobile-centric marketplace designed for both buyers and sellers where users can browse, shop and sell on the go. Its efficient logistical, payment support system and “Shopee Guarantee”  escrow service offer online shopping security where buyers are guaranteed on receiving their orders.

With also convenient in-app functions, the platform allows one to convert clutter into cash, easily correspond with one another or even share views on purchases together. 

The asset-light platform is a favourite among many as it aims to make online shopping easy and secure for both sellers and buyers.

Max Cashback per item is capped at USD2.10.

How To:
Click "Shop Now" > Landed on Merchant Platform > Add to cart and checkout > Cashback tracked and redeemable within the stated period!

*Item below RM5 is not entitle for cashback.