Frequently Asked Questions

Bunch of question mark flying around? Hopefully this will answer your queries efficiently.

  1. How to register?
    On any page, click on Signup at the right hand top corner. Fill in your name, correct email address and choose a password. Thats it. You are registered and you may start earning cashback immediately.

  2. Can you track my Cashback if I forget to click through from Buymore?
    In order for Buymore to track your Cashback, we will have to plant a tracking cookie in your internet browser to track your order and reward you with the right amount of Cashback.
    If you forget to click through from Buymore, we will not be able to track your order and no Cashback will be given.

  3. Why didn’t I get Cashback?
    Your Cashback might not have been tracked due to the following reasons:

    1. You did not click through from Buymore when ordering. If you fail to click through from Buymore, we are unable to track your order and thus no Cashback will be awarded.

    2. You did not follow the Partner Stores’ Terms & Conditions when ordering, we are unable to earn commission from our partner stores and hence, no Cashback will be awarded. E.g.:

      • For certain merchants, Cashback will not be tracked and awarded for subsequent orders made without clicking through from Buymore. If you want to keep shopping after checking out the first time, you must go back to Buymore and click back through to the store again.

      • For certain merchants, items added to your cart before clicking through from Buymore will not be awarded Cashback. To avoid this, make sure your shopping cart is empty before clicking through from Buymore.

      • For certain merchants, Cashback is only given if customer is using merchant's App to purchase.

    3. Your order(s) was/were made less than 48 hours ago. Cashback takes up to 48 hours to be processed and reflected in your account. An e-mail will be sent to notify you of your successful Cashback. Alternatively, you can check your Buymore account under “Pending” tab after 48 hours.

    4. There was a cancellation, return or exchange of your order. Cashback is only awarded for completed orders and will not be awarded for cancellations, returns or exchanges.

    5. Cashback requests for orders made more than a month ago will not be processed.

    6. Cookies of your browser were disabled. Merchants use cookies to track your purchases so that you can earn Cashback from Buymore.

    7. Item below RM5 is not entitle for cashback.

  4. Why no button to request payout even there is Redeemable Amount in my account?
    In order for you to request payout, your Redeemable Amount must exceed RM100 and you must first maintain your bank account information in your profile.

  5. Why the Cashback amount is not the same as mentioned?
    The Cashback can be higher or lower, as certain merchants are practising the following;

    1. Higher:

      • Bonus Cashback provided by merchant for certain period/campaign.

    2. Lower:

      • Different rate of cashback for different categories of product.

      • New Customer enjoy higher cashback rate while Existing Customer is having lower cashback rate.

      • Deduction such as administration fees, tax, and etc(if applicable).

  6. No Confidence in Buymore?
    Don't hurt your wallet! You may always explore some others well known cashback provider at no cost: